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Eventuligans 6:9-15

9. And the Lord spoke unto us, inviting us to sup with Him.

10. As He broke the bread, He said, "this is My body, which I have broken for you; take, eat, and remember Me always."

11. And we partook of His body, so that we may remember Him always.

12. He poured wine into our vessels and said, "this is My blood, that I have sacrificed for you; take, drink, and always remember My sacrifice."

13. We drank His blood, and have taken His sacrifice into ourselves so that we may always remember His sacrifice.

14. After we had partaken, He enshrined the pipe, and filled it with cannabis. As we passed the pipe in our circle, He spoke to us, "this is My Soul, which I share with you; as you partake, remember My love for you and all mankind: love and tolerance for everyone, peace and sharing over war and hatred."

15. We forgot.